Testimonial of MB, New Rochelle, NY

“I am delighted to describe how Sung Pak has helped me with two injuries. I am a 57-year-old dance teacher who has been dealing for 3 years with a chronic low-back muscle injury. Whether teaching or dancing in class, I would re-injure this muscle every month or so. I did four months of standard Physical Therapy for it last year without improvement. This summer Sung worked on me weekly, prescribing a sequence of stretches that are so interesting that I actually do them twice daily. I have been doing his stretch and strength regimen for about 8 weeks and have not reinjured my back either dancing or in the course of bending and lifting in normal life. I’m also dancing better in general! Sung has also brought relief for a pinched cervical nerve through massage and an injunction against EVER carrying a shoulder bag. I have stopped, and it has made a dramatic difference.”

“Sung’s work combines great physical skill, detailed body knowledge, critical listening, and intuition. I am grateful to have found him!”

MB, New Rochelle, NY