Testimonial of SB, Bronx, NY

Sung is unique because he comes to training with experience as a massage therapist. Although I am a middle aged professional, I have worked with several exceptionally skilled trainers on and off over the last ten years. Despite the fact that I had several capable trainers in the past, Sung’s expertise as a trainer stands out beyond the others. First of all, Sung has an honest and giving personality which comes through in his training. He starts on time and works with you for full hour. He is funny and engaging, but does not get lost in the personal interaction to let the client talk through the work outwhich is all too common as one works with a trainer over time. Sung stays focused on his goals for the client for each workout session.”

“Also, and perhaps because he has a background in massage therapy, he understands a great deal more than the average trainer about the physiological mechanisms underlying each workout activity. His proficiency in this area allows him to work around the client’s injuries or limitations. He is creative in coming up with alternative ways to achieve the same goal.”

“Another exceptional quality in Sung’s approach to training is his ability to find the right balance between pushing a client to achieve the highest level of fitness given their background and goals, versus being overly cautious. Many of the trainers I had worked with in the past were unable to achieve this balance. For example, though my previous trainers were all well qualified, some insisted on working at levels beyond my ability or really did not help me to stretch my level of fitness. In closing, the truth is I never intended to work with a trainer for longer than 10 sessions ostensibly to “get back into shape.” However, I found working with Sung both fun and invaluable so 10 sessions became two years.” — SB, Bronx, NY